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The staff at Consumers Oil Company can assist you with all your chemical, fertilizer, seed, and precision ag needs.


Crop protection technology is becoming increasingly more complex. You know the importance in modern agriculture of understanding the exact effect of every product used on your crops. Making it even more complicated, you have to think about the interaction of multiple crop protection products applied in the same field.

The Coop has access to all major chemical manufacturers including Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroScience, Monsanto, Syngenta, and a variety of generics. This allows us to provide a full range of products to address your individual needs. Most products can be purchased in quantities ranging from 1 gallon to bulk amounts. Please come see us for product recommendations and pricing.


Our experienced employees can custom blend fertilizer to meet all your plant nutritional needs. We offer both custom and standard fertilizer mixes in bulk and bagged options. Variable rate fertilizer application has become a major component of the fertilizer industry. The technology for its development ahs progressed in tandem with Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), the two combining to provide for accurate on-the-go variation in fertilizer application.

In addition to blending fertilizers, we offer bulk delivery, 5 ton spreader carts and custom fertilizer application with our GPS guided floater spreaders. We also carry various micronutrient products to provide your crop a complete nutrient package for optimal production.


Farmers today face an overwhelming number of management decisions. One of the most important input decision you cna make today is choosing the right seed. Monsanto and Croplan are committed to helping you maximize your profits by offering you a diverse lineup of elite genetics. We here at Consumers Oil Company are dedicated to giving you the best in seed, quality, genetics, traits, and yield. These seed companies we deal to are continually evaluating new technologies and developing new products that consistently provide superior hybrids and varieties uniquely suited to your farming operation. With research and evaluation plots that we put in every year, we are able to make the right recommendation that specifically fits our local growing conditions. When you choose Consumers Oil Company, you can be sure you are getting the best seed for your farm.

Precision Ag

Here at Consumers Oil Company, we use AgLeaders SMS Advanced Software to manage information across many acres. In addition to powerful analysis tools, SMS Advanced serves as the data warehouse for those who provide precision farming information services to multiple clients across many acres such as we do. SMS Advanced simply allows us to spend less time crunching numbers and more time analyzing information that benefits your bottom line. Some of the tools we can use working with your data are batch analysis, customized reporting, comparison analysis, multiyear averaging, 3D views of fields, soil lab import which allows us to write our own fertilizer recommendations using our own in-house equations.

Precision Ag Services

  • AutoSteer Installation for all equipment
  • Row Shutoffs for planters drills and Nh3 toolbars
  • Yield monitoring equipment
  • Precision planting equipment for all planter units.
  • Calibration and service on all above products
  • Ability to write Variable rate prescriptions for all fertilizer and planing applications.